Course Detail

195:101: Introduction to World Literature
195:110: Heritage Speakers
195:120: Global Science Fiction
195:135: Short Fiction
195:137: The Haunted
195:140: Being Human
195:150: World Mythology
195:170: Introduction to Ladino Language and Culture:
195:201: Literature Across Borders: Forbidden
195:203: Masterworks of Western Literature
195:220: Our World: Social Justice and the Environment
195:221: Introduction to the Literatures of the Middle East
195:227: Tales of Horror
195:232: Women Writers of South Asia
195:235: Detective Stories
195:240: Animals and Humans
195:243: Introduction to the Literatures of South Asia
195:244: Introduction to Mythology
195:246: Fairy Tales Then and Now
195:249: Modern Literature of South Asia – Postcolonial Identity and Indian Literature
195:251: Major Writers in Translation – Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Laclos, Beaumarchais? What’s so “Major” About These Guys Anyway
195:256: Italy, City by City: Rome
195:258: From Nietzsche to Superman
195:260: Introduction to Caribbean Literature
195:261: Introduction to Theatre
195:262: Life Writing in France
195:267: Latino Literature: Puerto Rican Literature
195:270: Past Today
195:272: Russia Between Empire and Nation
195:276: Realism and Revolution
195:277: Avant-Garde: Dada to Punk Rock
195:282: La Chanson: Songs of France
195:295: Latino and Caribbean Studies
195:301: Introduction to Literary Theory
195:306: Literature and Cultural Conquest
195:307: Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures and Theories
195:311: Dostoevsky
195:312: Literature and Psychoanalytic Theory
195:315: Journey to Hell and Beyond: Dante and Medieval Culture
195:316: Politics, Literature, and the Arts – Ottoman Middle East
195:318: Post Modern Approaches to Sacred Literature
195:337: Literature and Memory in the Arab World
195:338: Caribbean Pluralities and Indo-Caribbean Literature
195:345: Serial Storytelling Across Media
195:348: Stories of Russian Life: Memory, Invention, Experience
195:357: Contemporary Novel – Nabokov
195:363: Women Writers of Africa
195:374: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
195:377: Topics in World Cinema- Latin American Film: Emotion and Engagement
195:380: German-Jewish Literature and Culture
195:381: Topics in Cultural Studies
195:382: Kafka and World Literature
195:384: Russian Poetry
195:388: Cultures of the Middle Ages- Muslim Spain
195:395: Issues in Comparative Literature: Italian Food Culture
195:396: Issues in Comparative Literature: Bollywood
195:397: Issues in Comparative Literature: – Women’s Lives and Literature
195:397: Issues in Comparative Literature: Love & Sex Italian Style
195:397: Issues in Comparative Literature: Russian and Soviet Film
195:398: Issues in Comparative Literature: Hispanic and Caribbean Literature of Migration
195:398: Issues in Comparative Literature: Modern Arabic Literature
195:480: Wild Women
195:497: Capstone Workshop