Course Detail

195:312: Literature and Psychoanalytic Theory

Origins and major concepts of psychoanalysis explored through a close analysis of Freud’s writings with a particular focus on their literary dimension. The course seeks not simply to apply Freud to literature but moreover to see how psychoanalytic thinking itself might be enriched and expanded by our approaching it through works of art, literature and cinema. Thus, in addition to readings of Freud’s writings on dreams, infantile sexuality, trauma, and the unconscious, we will also study films by Hitchcock, a wide range of literary texts from German, French, Anglo-American and Latin American traditions, and critical essays by Zizek, Bronfen, Felman, Weber, Ronell and others. In English. Poe, Hoffmann, Ovid, Hitchcock, James, Puig, Dorfman, and others still to be determined. Readings will be on Sakai but students will be asked to purchase the Freud Reader, Interpretation of Dreams, and some of the case studies. There will be three 7-page papers, each 33% of grade. This course will be taught in tandem with 01:470:356:01 Psy Fi: Literature and Psychoanalysis.