Course Detail

195:377: Topics in World Cinema- Latin American Film: Emotion and Engagement

Revolutionary vampires in Havana struggle to gain control of a potion that will allow them to enjoy the Cuban sun; creepy Coffin Joe’s bloody pursuit of Brazilians mirrors the terror of the military dictatorship. Latin American filmmakers have often been on the forefront of efforts to use film to entertain and emotionally engage audiences while heightening their awareness of—and prompting them to take action to resolve—socioeconomic problems and political oppression. In this course we will explore the wildly inventive ways in which different types of filmmaking (fiction, documentary, animation and hybrids) and a variety of cinematic genres (from melodrama to horror) have been deployed by Latin American filmmakers to create politically-engaged cinema.

Final grades will be based on class preparation and participation, a quiz on close film analysis, essay exams, and a paper.

No prior knowledge of film studies necessary; there will be a workshop on film analysis during the first several class sessions.

Taught in Spanish. Cross-listing 01:175:377; 01:940:348.