Course Detail

195:120: Global Science Fiction

A selection of novels, short stories, and films from around the globe in the genre of science fiction. We will approach these works in intersecting ways: as experiments in the narrative imagination of world-making and -unmaking; and for the light they shed on the relation between science and fiction in different global contexts over the past two centuries. Intended mainly for 1st- and 2nd-year students, this course is an introduction to thinking and writing critically about science fiction. Students will learn how to read closely and write thoughtfully about works in different media from many regions of the world. The course meets twice weekly, with the first meeting a common lecture for all enrolled students, and the second a recitation section of 25-30 students. Biweekly short (2-3 page) papers and a final 5-7 pp. paper will be assigned, with a total of 25 pages of writing required over the course of the semester. Screenings will be scheduled for films not available for streaming. Approval pending for SAS Core Requirement for 21C, WCd.