Mapa America JongheCOMPARATIVE LITERATURE is an exciting interdisciplinary program that studies global cultural expressions as they shape and are shaped by science, economics, religion, politics, sexuality, and other historical forces. It attracts students with wide-ranging interests in literature, theory, cultural and media studies, and who wish to read literature in the original language as well as in translation.

The program offers a major (with four different tracks) as well as a minor. Students generally begin with "Literature across Borders" (201) before taking other 200- and 300-level courses in Comp Lit and other programs. Since every student has different preparations and interests, no two pathways through the program are identical.

Comparative Literature faculty are accomplished scholars and devoted teachers. Many have won awards from Rutgers and around the world. They have expertise in a wide range of disciplines and offer individualized guidance in the construction of the major and minor. They also mentor our exceptional graduate students, with whom they offer a variety of general education (pre- or non-major) classes.

Undergraduates who major or minor in Comparative Literature may go on to study literature or related fields in graduate school, or, because of the intensive training they receive in research and analytical writing, find employment in a wide variety of professional fields.