Course Detail

195:201: Literature Across Borders: Forbidden

  • SAS Core Requirement: AHp, AHo

This course is an introduction to the field of Comparative Literature, and is required of all majors and minors. "Literature Across Borders" illustrates the concept and practice of comparative literature across historical periods, cultures, and genres. For Spring 2019 we will engage with the topic "Forbidden." This course that examines the powerful and all-pervasive notion of the forbidden--that which is prohibited, suppressed, forcibly hidden, or destroyed--as presented in the literary texts and films from around the world. There are texts that are themselves banned, or ones that feature speech that is censored, activities that are prohibited, practices that are criminalized. This course examines the wider contexts of that which is forbidden, how the idea of the dangerous and the forbidden emerges from the conflicts between the regimes of power and the practices of gender/caste/religion/sexuality/ language/ nation. Through an examination of diverse literary texts and film, we will study the efforts to silence or invisibalize writings and practices of the world that question the status quo of their time and the resistant literary and filmic acts in the face of such prohibitions. This course fulfills Core requirements AHo and AHp.

Course assignments: regular forum posts on Sakai, one short paper, one final paper