Ousseina Alidou

B.A., Université Abdou Moumouni (Niamey); M.A., Ph.D., Indiana
Women’s orality and literacy practices in African Muslim societies, African literature and folklore, African and comparative women's studies.

Nicola Behrmann

B.A. Georg-August-Universität (Göttingen), M.A. Freie Universität (Berlin), Ph.D., New York University
Psychoanalysis, feminist theory, deconstruction, film and media studies, and focuses on early 20th century avant-gardes, autobiography and illness, aesthetics of the cut and the surface, and on the economies of labor and poverty

Karen Elizabeth Bishop

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. California (Santa Barbara)
Spanish and Comparative LIterature, translation studies

Elin Diamond

B.A. Brandeis; M.A., Ph.D. California (Davis)
Comparative Literature and Translation Studies; Critical and Literary Theory; Drama and Performance; Gender and Sexuality; Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature

Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Feminist theory, film and cinema studies; World War II and Holocaust; television and contemporary culture; theories of national identity; French cinema & culture

Lauren Goodlad

BSILR, Cornell; M.A., NYU; Ph.D. Columbia
Victorian and nineteenth-century literature and culture, artificial intelligence

Martha Helfer

Ph.D., Stanford University
Literature of the Age of Goethe, Romantic aesthetic and philosophical theories, German intellectual history (18th-20th-century), questions of gender and the construction of subjectivity, philosophical approaches to literature, representations of Jews in German critical discourse.

E. Khayyat

B.A., Istanbul and EUP Rome; Ph.D., Columbia
Philosophy of lilterature; religion and literature; modern European letters; cultural legacy of the late Ottoman Empire, Ottoman and modern Turkish; Oriental Jewry and Ladino; world literature.

Jeffrey Lawrence

B.A., Amherst College; PhD., Princeton
Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature and culture; Latin American/Hemispheric studies

Michael Levine

B.A., Cornell; M.A., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century German literature, literary theory and intellectual history. Intersections among literary, philosophical and psychoanalytic discourses; holocaust studies.

Nelson Maldonado-Torres

Chair of Comparative Literature
B.A., Puerto Rico; Ph.D., Brown
Comparative race and ethnic studies, comparative critical theory, Caribbean philosophy, decolonial thinking.

Preetha Mani

B.A., Tufts; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Modern Hindi and Tamil literature, Indian Literature, feminism and gender studies, world literature, translation studies, genre studies, postcolonial theory.

Jorge Marcone

B.A., Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú; M.A., Ph.D., Texas
Spanish American literature: writing and environment, literacy and orality. Ecocriticism, political ecology and environmental history.

Susan Martin-Márquez

B.A., M.A., Chicago; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Modern Spanish Peninsular cultural studies and Spanish-language film; cinema studies.

Anaïs Maurer

B.A., St. Sernin (Toulouse); M.A., Paris-Sorbonne and Tulane; PhD., Columbia
Francophone studies, Oceania, environmental humanities.

Anjali Nerlekar

B.A., M.A., M.Phil., University of Pune; Ph.D., Kansas
Multilingual Indian modernisms; Marathi literature; Indo-Caribbean literature; poetry studies; translation studies; Caribbean and postcolonial studies; and Indian book history.

Andrew Parker

B.A., Princeton; M.A., Ph.D., Chicago
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literatures in English, French, and Spanish; literary and cultural theory; philosophy and literature; history of sexuality; media theory and history.

Nicholas Rennie

B.A., Princeton; Ph.D., Yale
Literature of the Enlightenment and the Age of Goethe; Modern aesthetics and intellectual history; Frankfurt School; 20th-century German novel.

Paul Schalow

B.A., Hampshire College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard
Japanese literature (Edo period); gender and sexuality in Japanese literature; Japanese women's writing

Richard Serrano

B.A., Stanford; M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Maghrebi and Sub-Saharan African Literatures in French, modern French poetry, the Qur'an and Arabic poetry, Chinese poetry (especially Tang and Qing), Korean poetry.

Jeffrey Shandler

B.A., Swarthmore; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia
Yiddish language, literature and culture; Jews and media; Holocaust representation; Jews and visual culture; American Jewish vernacular culture

Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui

B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale
Latino/a Literature and Culture, XXth-Century Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, gender theory and sexuality studies, and psychoanalysis.

James Swenson

B.A., Brown; M.A., Ph.D., Yale
Eighteenth-century literature and intellectual history; twentieth-century criticism and theory.

Emily Van Buskirk

B.A., Princeton; Ph.D., Harvard
Russian and Czech literature, film and literary theory; autobiography, in-between genres; everyday life; representations of war and the Lenigrad Blockade; the culture of the thaw; gender and sexuality; memory and history; theories of the self.

Alessandro Vettori

Dottore in Lettere, Firenze; Ph.D., Yale
Medieval poetry and Dante, The Re-writing of Biblical Texts in Literary Texts of the Italian Tradition, The Devil in European Culture, Autobiography.

Janet A. Walker

B.A., Wisconsin; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard
The novel from its European beginnings to its transformations by East, South, and Southeast Asian writers; hybrid modernity in material culture, literature, and the arts; modern Japanese fiction and the West.

Xiaojue Wang

Graduate Program Director
B.A., MA., Peking; M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia
Modern and contemporary Chinese and Sinophone literature; the cultural Cold War; Chinese-German intellectual connections; cultural memories; film and media studies; gender and sexuality