Ousseina Alidou

Website - Ousseina Alidou
Women’s orality and literacy practices in African Muslim societies, African literature and folklore, African and comparative women's studies.

Nicola Behrmann

Website - Nicola Behrmann
Psychoanalysis, feminist theory, deconstruction, film and media studies, and focuses on early 20th century avant-gardes, autobiography and illness, aesthetics of the cut and the surface, and on the economies of labor and poverty

Karen Elizabeth Bishop

Undergraduate Director kebishop@rutgers.edu
Website - Karen Elizabeth Bishop
20th-21st century literatures in Spanish, English, and French; lyric; form; geopoetics; narratology; close reading; translation theory and practice; human rights; torture; theories of space and place; architecture and urban humanities.

Elin Diamond

Website - Elin Diamond
Comparative Literature and Translation Studies; Critical and Literary Theory; Drama and Performance; Gender and Sexuality; Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature

Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

Website - Sandy Flitterman-Lewis
Feminist theory, film and cinema studies; World War II and Holocaust; television and contemporary culture; theories of national identity; French cinema & culture

Lauren Goodlad

Website - Lauren Goodlad
Victorian and nineteenth-century literature and culture, artificial intelligence

Martha Helfer

Website - Martha Helfer
Literature of the Age of Goethe, Romantic aesthetic and philosophical theories, German intellectual history (18th-20th-century), questions of gender and the construction of subjectivity, philosophical approaches to literature, representations of Jews in German critical discourse.

E. Khayyat

Website - E. Khayyat
Philosophy of lilterature; religion and literature; modern European letters; cultural legacy of the late Ottoman Empire, Ottoman and modern Turkish; Oriental Jewry and Ladino; world literature.

Jeffrey Lawrence

Website - Jeffrey Lawrence
Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature and culture; Latin American/Hemispheric studies

Michael Levine

Website - Michael Levine
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century German literature, literary theory and intellectual history. Intersections among literary, philosophical and psychoanalytic discourses; holocaust studies.

Preetha Mani

Website - Preetha Mani
Modern Hindi and Tamil literature, Indian Literature, feminism and gender studies, world literature, translation studies, genre studies, postcolonial theory.

Jorge Marcone

Website - Jorge Marcone
Spanish American literature: writing and environment, literacy and orality. Ecocriticism, political ecology and environmental history.

Susan Martin-Márquez

Website - Susan Martin-Márquez
Modern Spanish Peninsular cultural studies and Spanish-language film; cinema studies.

Anaïs Maurer

Website - Anaïs Maurer
Francophone studies, Oceania, environmental humanities.

Anjali Nerlekar

Website - Anjali Nerlekar
Multilingual Indian modernisms; Marathi literature; Indo-Caribbean literature; poetry studies; translation studies; Caribbean and postcolonial studies; and Indian book history.

Andrew Parker

Website - Andrew Parker
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literatures in English, French, and Spanish; literary and cultural theory; philosophy and literature; history of sexuality; media theory and history.

Nicholas Rennie

Website - Nicholas Rennie
Literature of the Enlightenment and the Age of Goethe; Modern aesthetics and intellectual history; Frankfurt School; 20th-century German novel.

Paul Schalow

Website - Paul Schalow
Japanese literature (Edo period); gender and sexuality in Japanese literature; Japanese women's writing

Richard Serrano

Website - Richard Serrano
Maghrebi and Sub-Saharan African Literatures in French, modern French poetry, the Qur'an and Arabic poetry, Chinese poetry (especially Tang and Qing), Korean poetry.

Jeffrey Shandler

Website - Jeffrey Shandler
Yiddish language, literature and culture; Jews and media; Holocaust representation; Jews and visual culture; American Jewish vernacular culture