Graduate Students

Fourth Year

Amanda González Izquierdo (B.A. English, Florida International University)

Research Interests: 20th- and 21st-century Caribbean theories and literatures; postcolonial identity formation; deconstructive ethics; languages of frustration; bearing witness.

Milan Reynolds (B.A. Individualized Study [Colloquium Topic: Memory], New York University)

Research interests: Italian literature, borders and migration, transnational literature of the Mediterranean, postcolonial theory, historical narrations, language and identity, translation.

Yingnan Shang (B.A. English Literature, Peking University; M.A. English Literature, King’s College London; M.A. Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College) 

Research Interests: English and American literature, critical and literary theory, ethics in literature, philosophy, modern political discourse, modernity and the city, visual culture.

Phil Yakushev (B.A. Comparative Literature, Politics, Philosophy, New York University; M.F.A. Creative Writing - Fiction, The New School)

Research Interests: Late 20th- and early 21st-century Russian, American, and German literatures; madness, collective trauma, (post-)memory, late capitalism and narrative.