V. G. Julie Rajan

Undergraduate Program Director

Julie Rajan is Associate Teaching Professor and Director of the Masters Program in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University-NB; and a member of the Affiliate Faculty and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Program in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University-NB. Her research interests include: women’s human rights; women and violence in conflict; colonial, post-colonial, and modern-day imperialisms; and terrorism and resistance.

Her monographs include: Women Suicide Bombers: Narratives of Violence (2011); Al Qaeda’s Global Crisis: The Islamic State, Takfir, and the Genocide of Muslims (2015); and Women, Violence, and the Islamic State: Resurrecting the Caliphate through Femicide (forthcoming 2021). She has co-edited and edited a number of collections and special issues, including: Violence and Gender in the Globalized World (2008); Human Rights in Postcolonial India (2016); and The United States, Security, and Human Rights: Extra-Ordinary ‘Justice’ in the Post-9/11 Era, Special Issue for The Security Journal (March 2015).