Undergraduate News

Rutgers Day - Thank You!

Dear Core Faculty and Graduate Students and Distinguished Friends of Comp Lit,

Conceived last year by Cesar Braga-Pinto, Comparative Literature was again the proud host of a WORLD POETRY performance event at Rutgers Day! Our wonderful readers read poetry in the original languages and then in translation (sometimes creating a translation on the spot), and also did some quick teaching about the poems. The audience loved hearing the poetic news from the four global corners! As usual they showed their pleasure and fascination whether they were present or in transit. Passers-by heard some Chinese wafting over the breeze, or Russian, or Spanish or French or Italian or Portuguese or German or Yiddish or Quechua or Greek and came forward to listen and stayed to hear more. Some sat happily for hours, some for long minutes, many with babies in strollers, grandparents in tow, and everywhere RU students or ex-students came to the Comp Lit booth near the stage to chat about comparative literature, take copies of free books and Exit 9 (our grad student journal), dig into some great CL swag and, of course, listen to poetry--from 1:00-4:15!

Warmest thanks to Matthew, Mavis, Neil, Jenny, Katrine, Salvatore, Ping, Yvette, and Shirli, our CL grad student readers, as well as to Cristóbal, Mac, Mary, Claudia, grad students from Spanish and Portuguese, and Joseph, Yan and Kristin, undergrads from Comp Lit and Jewish Studies, and to Yolanda and Jorge who held up the poetry banner for the Comp Lit faculty! Our World Poetry event was launched by the angelic harmonies of the fabulous AMANDALA, the renowned a cappella girl's singing group from Highland Park High School, one of whose members, Camila Marcone, served as Comp Lit's liaison. Thanks Camila!! Thanks to Lauren for again pulling strings and getting Penguin and OUP to serve up free books. Thanks to Karen Regis for assembling and designing the program (see attached) and for cutting out letters for Jorge's "Can you Translate 'Cross-Cultural'?" activities board. Thanks to Yolanda for womaning the booth when we needed her! But the biggest thanks goes to the great Marilyn Tankiewicz who kept this event on the calendar, reserved our place in front of Loree, AND OUR STAGE, commanded the troops, ordered the goodies and generally charmed everyone with Comp Lit clips and bottle openers, not to mention free books. Marilyn, you're the best!!

It was great to see Ben and friends, Jackie and son Josh, and Ping's husband, Salvatore's wife, Shirli's family, Marilyn's son and family, Jorge's family, my Rob too and friends and colleagues galore!) It was a beautiful day and Comp Lit made it more beautiful--both linguistically rich and splendidly soulful. Dean Barbara Bender who was monitoring our area all day was full of praise.

Thanks again!
Huzzahs to Comp Lit!!

Elin Diamond
Graduate Director of Comparative Literature