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Comparative Literature Film Night - 11/17 - Rue Cases Nègres (Sugar Cane Alley)

Comparative Literature Film Night
Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 8:00pm
Led By: Louis Segura

Film: Rue Cases Nègres (Sugar Cane Alley) [1983, d. Euzhan Palcy]
Synopsis: Jose is a bright young boy who lives among the poor black families of a sugar cane plantation community. His grandmother, believing her grandson is capable of great things, sacrifices to save him from the hard life of working the fields. Euzhan Palcy's award-winning film is an honest, deeply moving human drama of a young boy who fights against the odds for his future.

Join us for an Evening of Film, Popcorn, and Banter!
195 College Ave

The Comparative Literature Film Nights are every Wednesday, 8:00 pm at 195 College Avenue for the Fall 2010 Semester.
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