Graduate Student Colloquia

Graduate Colloquium: March 11, 2014

Graduate Colloquium:  March 11, 2014

Liesl Owens Graduate Colloquium: March 11, 2014Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Liesl Owens, Ph.D. Graduate Student
Comparative Literature, Rutgers University
195 College Avenue
Potluck - 6:00pm
Colloquium - 7:00pm

"Archive and Incest: Luis López Nieves’ “El conde de Ovando”"

Luis López Nieves’ short story “El Conde de Ovando” highlights the internal conflicts between different European institutions -the church, the state and the family- during Puerto Rico’s early colonial period and illustrates the ideological conflicts between the traditionally conservative Catholic church versus the emerging scientific, humanistic, and religious movements. López Nieves’ historical fiction also points to the Caribbean present. In this case, the story offers us a way to look at the institutional, political, and cultural continuities between Puerto Rico’s colonial past and its neo-colonial present. This colloquia will focus on the relationship between how López Nieves uses the historical archives to tell his story of the abuse inherent in an incestuous relationship and the sadism of Inquisitorial torture and how these relate to the violence of the Caribbean colonial past and the continued violations of the neo-colonial present.