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Comp Lit Celebrates Our Recent PhDs!

Congratulations to all!


Virginia L. Conn

Dissertation: The Body Politic: Socialist Science Fiction and the Embodied State

Committee: Anindita Banerjee (Cornell), *Andrew Parker, Song Weijie, Wang Xiaojue

Lidia Levkovitch

Dissertation: Blurred Boundaries: Negotiating Normativity in Late Soviet and Early Post-Soviet Narratives about Alcohol

Committee: Edyta Bojanowska (Yale), Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia), Andrew Parker, *Emily Van Buskirk

Qingfeng Nie

Dissertation: Ordering Urban Space in Luoyang, 600-1000 CE

Committee: Sukhee Lee, Song Weijie, *Wendy Swartz, Wang Xiaojue

Josue Rodriguez

Dissertation: The Spontaneous Afterlife: Surrealism as Translation in Latin American Vanguard Poetry

Committee: Nicola Behrmann, *Karen Bishop, Ignacio Infante (Washington U in St Louis), Marcy Schwartz