Course Detail

195:397: Issues in Comparative Literature: – Women’s Lives and Literature

The course–taught in English–aims at introducing undergraduate students to some of the foremost issues concerning contemporary women’s writing in the Italian context. The course will focus on the features of women’s writing that react against women’s marginalization, fashioning forms of resistance to patriarchal culture and defining new models of agency. We will analyze the historical, cultural, social and economic conflicts that these works reflect and denounce. Analysis and discussion of short stories and/or brief novels (in English translation) by Matilde Serao, Sibilla Aleramo, Grazia Deledda, Anna Maria Ortese, Igiaba Scego, Elena Ferrante, and others.This course satisfies Part II, Areas of Inquiry of the Core Curriculum Requirements, area of inquiry C, goals AHo and AHp. Course Cross-listings: 560:362:01

Course Requirements:
The abilities defined in the learning goals will be assessed through oral and written activities.
Active class participation (10%)
One oral presentation (10%)
Two 4-page papers (25%)
Midterm exam (25%)
Final exam (30%)