Graduate Students

First Year

Rudrani Gangopadhyay (B.A., M.A., M.Phil. English Literature, Jadavpur University)

Research Interests: Migration and diaspora studies, the literature of the Partition, literature in English, theories of gender and sexuality, digital humanities

Fremio Sepulveda Ortiz (B.A. English, Rutgers University-Newark and M.A. English, SUNY-Buffalo)

Research Interests: Caribbean, diaspora, and transnational American studies, postcolonial theory, and gender/sexuality studies

Penny Yeung (B.A. English, Northwestern University and M.A. Comparative Literature, Kings College London)

Research Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction in English and French, the politics of nature writing, nationalism and sexuality

Second Year

Gabriel Bamgbose (B.A. [Ed.] English, Tai Solarin University of Education and M.A. in English [Literature] from University of Ibadan)

Research Interests: African literature and folklore, African women's writing, Nigerian women's poetry in Yoruba and English, postcolonial and decolonial theories, feminist theories, short stories and poetry.

Ke (Coco) Xu (B.A. English Language and Literature, Sun Yat-Sen University)

Research Interests: Translation theory and practice, ambiguity and its limits, modernism, theories of identity, Chinese literature and philosophy/religion, literary theory, the visual arts and film.

Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez (B.A. Classical Studies/English Literature, CUNY Hunter College)

Research Interests: Race theory, literary theory, slave narratives, colonialism, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century American literature and history, visual culture, theories of oppression, Caribbean literature.

Third Year

Virginia L. Conn (CPLF, DELF B1, DELF B2, DEF French [Language, Media, and Communications], Université de Caen Basse-Normandie; B.A. English Literature, University of Kentucky; B.A. Art Studio, University of Kentucky)

Research interests: Science fiction; teleology; the ethics of progress; postcolonial and diasporic literatures (particularly the Chinese intelligentsia diaspora); contemporary Chinese, Arabic, and French minority literatures; visual discourses; cultural memory.

Gabriele Lazzari (B.A. Modern Literature and M.A. Literary Theory, University of Padua)

Research Interests: Theory of the novel, contemporary realism, twentieth- and twentyfirst-century American literature, Italian literature, critical theory, psychoanalytic approaches to literature, sociology of literature, reception theory and structuralism.

Rafael Vizcaino (B.A. Philosophy, Northwestern University)

Research Interests: Decolonial thought, philosophies and theologies of liberation, Hegelian-Marxist critical theory, contemporary Latin American and Caribbean literature and film, critical ethnic studies, indigenous studies, U.S. Third World feminism, critical pedagogy, cultural studies.

Fourth Year

Qingfeng Nie (B.A. East China University, M.A. Fudan University, and M.A. Columbia University)

Research Interests: Third- to fourteenth-century Chinese literature and history, historical geography, archaeology, cultural studies.

Josue Rodriguez (B.A. English, New Jersey City University)

Research Interests: Latin American and French avant garde literature (surrealism, creationism, vanguardism), twentieth-century Spanish, French, and Portuguese poetry, modernism, post-modernism, theories of authorship and reading.

Jeong Eun (Annabel) We (B.A. English, Northwestern University)

Research Interests: English and Korean modernist literature, gender and queer studies, translation studies, twentieth- and twenty-first-century French and German philosophy, critical theory, colonial and postcolonial literatures in English, Korean, French, and Japanese, visual arts and film.

Fifth Year

Shawn Doherty González (B.A. Comparative Literature, Swarthmore College)

Research Interests: Twentieth- and twentyfirst-century literatures of the Caribbean in English, Spanish, and French; theories of globalization; twentieth-century Latin American poetry; postcolonial studies.

Bernabe Mendoza (B.A. Literature, UC Santa Cruz and M.A. Comparative Literature, San Francisco State University)

Research Interests: Speculative and science fiction, creolization theory, feminism, critical race theory, decolonization, deconstruction, and shamanism

Sixth Year

Enmanuel Martínez  (B.A. Comparative Literature and Literary Theory/Latin American and Latino Studies, University of Pennsylvania)

Research Interests: Critical Caribbean studies, archive theory and practices of the global South, decolonial thought, literary fieldwork, and queers of color criticism.

Lina Qu (B.A. and M.A. English Literature, Peking University)

Research Interests: Feminist theories and contemporary Chinese women writings in relation to global women's writings and women's movements.

Carolyn Ureña  (A.B. Comparative Literature, Princeton University and M.A. English Literature, University of Maryland)

Research Interests: Illness narratives, disability studies and medical humanities, cinema studies, critical Caribbean studies, critical theory.

Seventh Year

Jinhwa Lee (B.A. English Literature and M.A. Comparative Literature, Seoul National University)

Research Interests: Queer/LGBTQ, postcolonial, urban, and trauma studies; translation theory; twentieth-century Anglophone, Korean, Japanese literatures; women's writing; modernism and the World Wars.

Lidia Levkovitch (B.A. Spanish Language and Literature, Rutgers University and B.S. Computer Science, Drexel University)

Research interests: Russian literature during the Soviet and post-Soviet period, the literature of the Latin American "Boom,” magical realism and other modalities of realism; translation.


Steven Gonzagowski (B.A. English Literature, Northeastern University, and M.A. Comparative Literature, Darthmouth College)

Research Interests: Lusophone and Hispanic literature, psychoanalytical approaches to literature, masculinity and gender studies, travel narratives.

Yu-I Yvette Hsieh (B.A. Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University, and M.C.I.S., Rutgers University)

Research Interests: Science fiction, history of science, critical theory, East Asian popular culture, Gothic literature, queer modernism.

Matthew Mangold (B.A. St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD and Certificate of Russian Studies, St. Petersburg State University)

Chekhov and nineteenth-century Russian literature, literary and critical theory, environmental humanities, literature and medicine, film studies.

Liesl Owens (B.S. Biology, Juniata College and M.A. Spanish, Temple University)

Research Interests: Contemporary Caribbean literature, historical fiction, post-colonialism, globalization, early modern dictionaries.

Louis Segura (B.A. Literary Studies, U.C. Santa Cruz)

Research Interests:  The politics of witnessing and literary representations of trauma, philosophy of language, narrative theory, Holocaust literature, nineteenth-century French poetry, Latin American Jewish studies.


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