Affiliate Faculty

Nicola Behrmann

M.A., Free University Berlin; Ph.D., New York University

European avant-gardes, literary theory, women and gender studies, visual culture

Stephen Bronner

B.A., CUNY (City College); M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Critical theory; political theory

Abena Busia

B.A., M.A., St. Anne’s College (Oxford); Ph.D., St. Anthony’s College (Oxford)

African women in British and American fiction

Ed Cohen

B.A., Georgetown; Ph.D., Stanford University

Sexuality; health and healing; political philosophy; social theory; cultural history; transformational technologies; popular culture

Drucilla Cornell

B.A., Antioch; J.D., UCLA Law School

Contemporary continental thought, critical theory, grass-roots political and legal mobilization, jurisprudence, women's literature, feminism, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, and political philosophy.

Harriet Davidson

B.A., Texas (Austin); M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt

Poetry and poetics, modernism and postmodernism, feminist criticism and theory aaa

Mark Doty

B.A., Drake; M.F.A., Goddard

Nineteenth‐century poetry and American literature; twentieth‐century and
contemporary poetry

Jerry Aline Flieger

B.A., Wisconsin; M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Twentieth century and contemporary literature and theory, gender studies, psychoanalytic literary theory.

William H. Galperin

B.A., Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Brown

Late eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century British poetry and fiction; literary and cultural theory; film studies.

Paola Gambarota

Ph.D., Pavia; Ph.D., Yale

Modern Italian Literature; theories of language and Nation; European pre-war avant-garde; film.

Mary Gossy

B.A., Bryn Mawr; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard

Spanish and Latin-American literature; feminist and critical theory; lesbian and gay literature.

Allan Punzalan Isaac

B.A., Williams; Ph.D., NYU

U.S. empire and postcolonial studies; Asian American studies; Filipino diaspora

Ann Jurecic

B.A., Bryn Mawr; M.A.T., Brown; Ph.D., Princeton

Literature and medicine; contemporary literature; writing studies

Ryan Kernan 

B.A., Princeton; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

African American Literature, Latin American Literature, Translation Studies, and literary theory.

Michael McKeon

B.A., Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature; critical theory; historical criticism.

Fatima Naqvi

B.A., Dartmouth; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard

German; Austrian literature and culture; film studies.

Stephen Reinert 

B.A., Western Washington; M.A., Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

Byzantine, Balkan, and Turkic history and culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Louis Sass

B.A., Harvard; M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Schizophrenia; assessment; philosophy of psychology; intersection of clinical psychology with philosophy, the arts, and literary studies.

Louisa Schein

B.A., Brown; M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Cultural politics, ethnicity, nationalism and transnationalism; diaspora, gender and sexuality; representation, media, postcoloniality, postsocialism; China, Asian America.

Meheli Sen

B.A., M.A., Jadavpur; Ph.D., Emory

Film studies, post-independence commercial Hindi cinema, gender, genre, postcoloniality, and globalization.

Jeffrey Shandler

B.A., Swarthmore; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia

Yiddish language, literature and culture; Jews and media; Holocaust representation; Jews and visual culture; American Jewish vernacular culture.

Weijie Song

B.S., Xi’an Jiaotong; M.A., Ph.D., Peking; Ph.D., Columbia

Modern Chinese Literature and Film, Cultural Studies, Sinophone and Diasporic writings.

Michelle Stephens

B.A., Stony Brook; Ph.D., Yale

African American, Caribbean and American literature and culture, race, sexuality, psychoanalysis

Camilla Stevens

B.A., Tulane; M.A., New Mexico; Ph.D., Kansas

Twentieth-century Spanish American drama, theater and performance theory; Caribbean cultural studies; contemporary Dominican theater and performance.

Wendy Swartz

B.A. California (San Diego); M.A., Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

Medieval Chinese literature, comparative poetics, literary theory, and criticism

Ching-I Tu

B.A., National Taiwan; Ph.D., Washington

Chinese Poetry, Literary Criticism, Chinese Thought.

Rebecca L. Walkowitz

B.A., Radcliffe; M.Phil., Sussex; Ph.D., Harvard

Twentieth- and twenty-first-century British, Irish, and Anglophone literatures; the history and theory of the novel; comparative modernisms; the new world literature; translation studies and the history of the book; cosmopolitanism; postcolonial theory; critical theory

Xiaojue Wang

B.A., MA., Peking; M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia

Chinese literature and culture from late imperial to contemporary periods, the cultural Cold War, the literary transition from late imperial to modern times, cultural memories, film and visual studies, and comparative literature, in particular, the impact of German intellectual dynamics on modern China.

Alan Williams 

B.A., M.A., Washington; Ph.D. SUNY (Buffalo)

French and American Film History, Film Narration, Gender Studies and Cinema, French Cultural Studies

Yael Zerubavel

B.A., Tel-Aviv; M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Collective memory; history and memory; Zionism and Hebrew national culture; myths and ritual; Modern Hebrew literature; Jewish immigrant literature.

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