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Faculty Spotlight

NEWS FLASH: We thank Elin Diamond, Professor of English, for 6 great years of service as Graduate Director/Chair of Comparative Literature and we welcome Michael Levine, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, as new Graduate Director/Chair. We welcome back Professor Jorge Marcone to a second 3-year term as Undergraduate Director

Congratulations to the following faculty:

EDYTA BOJANOWSKA has received the 2013-2014 ACLS Burkhardt Fellowship and will spend the year in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Her work in Comparative Literature was recently featured in the Rutgers article "Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Beyond".                                         MICHAEL G. LEVINE has published a book entitled "A Weak Messianic Power: Figures of a Time to Come in Benjamin, Derrida and Celan" (Fordham UP, 2013).                                                 SUSAN MARTIN-MÁRQUEZ, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature, has won National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for 2013-2014.
BEN. SIFUENTES-JÁUREGUI, Professor of American Studies and Comparative Literature, has received the Warren I. Susman award for Excellence in Teaching in 2013.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to MARILYN TANKIEWICZ, Administrative Assistant in Comparative Literature, who has won the Graduate School-New Brunswick Staff Excellence Award for 2013. Way to go, Marilyn!!

Graduate Student Spotlight

Comparative Literature congratulates DR. SHIRLI SELA-LEVAVI, who successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Guests in their Own Homes: Homecoming, Memory and Authorship in A Guest for the Night by S.Y. Agnon and the Yash Novels by Jacob Glatstein".

Congratulations also to:

DR. ALESSIO LERRO, who successfully defended his dissertation entitled" From Baroque Allegory to Romantic Sublime: Writing, Images, and Subjectivity in Tesauro, Vico, and Novalis".                    DR. MARIA KAGER, who successfully defended her dissertation entitled "The Bilingual Imagination: Joyce, Beckett, Nabokov and the Making of Modern Fiction". Maria is also the winner of a fellowship from Carolus Magnus Fonds, a division of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds of the Netherlands, and will use the Carolus Magnus fellowship to work on a book proposal and to write two more articles.
winner of an "associateship" in the workshop in Scholarly and Literary Translation from Slavic Languages as well as an Individualized Research Practicum through the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois.

Congratulations to all!


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Ph.D.s 2000 - Present


Monica E. Filimon

Dissertation: Divide, Conquer, Entertain: Film Melodrama and Authoritarianism in Europe

Committee:* Susan Martin-Marquez, Fatima Naqvi, Alan Williams (French)

Melanie Holm

Dissertation: Useful Fictions and Necessary Idols: The Comedy of Enlightenment Understanding

Committee: *Michael McKeon, Lorraine Piroux, Nicholas Rennie, James Chandler, Lynn Festa (English)



Tamas Demeny

Dissertation: Hungarian Roma and African American Autobiographies in Comparative Perspective: Lakatos, Peline Nyari, Wright, and Hurston

Committee: *Janet Walker, Gerald Pirog, Marie J. Diamond, Kathleen Dubs (Pazmany Peter Catholic University)

Jacqueline Loeb

Dissertation: Between Symptom and Symbol: Freud, Psychoanalysis and the Jewish Mystical Text

Committee: *Jerry Flieger, Mary Gossy, Ed Cohen, Louis Sass (GSAPP)

Jennifer McBryan

Dissertation: Gauguin, Gilgamesh, and the Modernist Aesthetic Allegory: The Archaeology of Desire in Noa Noa

Committee: *Ben-Sifuentes, Elin Diamond, Janet Walker, Susan Sidlauskas (Art History)

Salvatore Pappalardo

Dissertation: The United States of Europe: Musil, Svevo, Joyce and the Literary Invention of a Postcolonial Community

Committee: *Fatima Naqvi, Paola Gambarota, Martha Helfer, Elizabeth Leake (Italian)

Kenneth Sammond

Dissertation: Exile and Empire: Post Imperial Narrative and the National Epic a Comparative Study of Rushdie's The Satanic Verses and Virgil's Aeneid

Committee: Steven Walker, Janet Walker, Marie J. Diamond, Riggs Alden Smith (Baylor University)

Kathleen Sclafani

Dissertation: 'Border Consciousness' and the Re-Imagination of Nation in the Films of Fatih Akin, Andreas Dresen and Christian Petzold

Committee: *Fatima Naqvi, Susan Morton-Marquez. Sandy Flittermen-Lewis, David Gramling (University of Arizona)

Sandra Sokowski

Dissertation: Subversive Bodies in 19th Century Narratives of Paris and London

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Janet Walker, Martha Helfer, Geoffrey Baker (California State University-Chico)


Kael Ashbaugh

Dissertation:  Literary Ludics in 20th Century Latin American Fiction: Playful Folly in Works by Borges, Cabrera Infante, and Cortazar

Committee:  *Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui, Cesar Braga-Pinto, Nicholas Rennie, Lourdes Rojas-Paiewonsky (Colgate University)

Joshua Beall

Dissertation:  The Poetics of Subversion: Irony and the Central European Novel

Committee:  *Jerry Aline Flieger, Janet Walker, Louis Sass, Alessandro Vettori, Irene Sywenky (University of Alberta)

Patricia Ferrer-Medina

Dissertation:  Ecological Difference and The Ecology of Subjectivization In Sixteenth Century Nonfiction Travel Narrative to the Caribbean

Committee:  Jorge Marcone, Josephine Diamond, Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, Gustavo Verdesio (University of Michigan)

Yingjiu Lu

Dissertation:  Vernacular Modernism: Zhang Ailing and High and Low Modern Fiction in Urban China

Committee:  *Ban Wang, Dietrich Chanz, Janet Walker, Weijie Song (Asian Languages Cultures)

Susan Silvia Navarre

Dissertation:  "The Poetics of Everyday Life": The Sublime as as Aesthetic Force in the Lyric Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Annette Von Dorste-Hulshoff

Committee:  William Galperin*, Josephine Diamond, Nicholas Rennie, Martha Nell-Smith (University of Maryland)

Christopher Rivera

Dissertation: Agency, Identity, and "Outness" in Latin America

Committee:  * Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui, Abena Busia, Carlos Decena, Jasbir K. Puar

Mahriana Rofheart

Dissertation:  Don't Abandon "Our Boat": Shifting Perceptions of Emigration in Contemporary Senegalese Literature and Song

Committee:  *Richard Serrano, Ousseina Alidou, Cesar Braga-Pinto, Elieen Julien (Indiana University-Bloomington)

Tolonda Tolbert

Dissertation:  To Walk or Fly?:  The Folk Narrative of Community and Identity in Twentieth Century Black Women's Literature of the Americas

Committee:  *Abena Busia, Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui, Marie J. Diamond, Simone A. James Alexander (Seton Hall University) 

Kalliope Valadakis

Dissertation:  Daughters Out of Line:  The Marriage Plot In Three Paradigmatic Texts of the Cretan Renaissance, Erotokritos, Panoria and Vasileus O Rodolinos

Committee:  Marie J. Diamond, Janet Walker, Steven Walker, Marla Segol (Skidmore College)

Ping Zhu

Dissertation:  The Shadow Subject in Chinese Literary Modernity, 1915-1936

Committee:  *Ban Wang, Janet Walker, Alessandro Vettori, Xun Liu (History)


Jie Chen

Dissertation:  Nation, Ethnicity, and Cultural Strategies:  Three Waves of Ethnic Representation in Post-1949 China”

Committee: *Ban Wang, Dietrich Tschanz, Louisa Schein, Jiayan Mi (College of New Jersey)

Yen-Chen Chuang

Dissertation: "When Coldness Traps This Suffering Clay":  Mourning, Death, and Ethics in Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Joyce

Committee:  *M. Josephine Diamond, Elizabeth Grosz, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Craig Dworkin (University of Utah)

Barbara Hamilton

Dissertation:  Vision and Revision:  The Female Mystics as Writers In Late Medieval Northern Europe

Committee: *Alessandro Vettori, Janet A. Walker, Steve Walker, Christine Chism (English)

Ignacio Infante

Dissertation:  Poetics of Transfer:  Translation, Cosmopolitanism and The Intermedial In Twentieth-Century Transatlantic Poetry

Committee: *William Galperin, Nicholas Rennie, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Richard Sieberth (NYU), Jacques Lezra (NYU)

Chadley Loewen-Schmidt

Dissertation:  The Politics of Pity in Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Committee: *Michael McKeon, M. Josephine Diamond, William Galperin, Lynn Festa (English)

Xin Ning

Dissertation:  The Lyrical and the Crisis of Modern Chinese Selfhood in Modern Chinese Literature, 1919-1949

Committee: *Ban Wang, Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Jiwei Xiao (Fairfield University)


Flor Gregara De Leon

Dissertation:  A Country Where Everyone Was Happy: Incest, Trauma, and The Missing Father in the Memory of Post-War Spain

Committee: *Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Susan Martin-Marquez, Elin Diamond, Yeon-Soo Kim (Spanish/Portuguese)

Hana Muzika Kahn

Dissertation:  Modern Guatemalan Mayan Literature in Cultural Context:  Bilanguaging in the Literary Works of Bilingual Mayan Authors

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, César Braga-Pinto, Jorge Marcone, Laura Martin (Cleveland State University)

Yukari Yanagino

Dissertation:  Psychoanalysis and Literature:  Perversion, Racism and Language of Difference

Committee: *Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Jerry Flieger, Martin Gliserman, Alan Bass (The New School)


Tatjana Aleksić

Dissertation: Mythistory In a Nationalist Age: A Comparative Analysis of Serbian and Greek Postmodern Fiction

Committee:  *M. Josephine Diamond, Gerald Pirog, John McClure (English), Vangelis Calotychos (Columbia University), Tomislav Longinovic (University of Wisonsin-Madison)

Marie Barchant

Dissertation: Translating the Body in Violent Tongues: The “Sacrificial Body” in Narratives by Contemporary Women Writers and Performance Artists

Committee:  *M. Josephine Diamond,  *Abena Busia, Gerald Pirog,  Atreyee Phukan (University of San Diego)

Shreerekha Subramanian

Dissertation: Women Resisting Violence: Locating Community in Contemporary Novels from the Americas and South Asia

Committee:  *César Braga-Pinto, Abena Busia, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Sonali Perera (English)

Anne Xu

Dissertation:  Engaging China, Engaging the World: China I the Works of Malraux, Brecht, and Lu Xun

Committee: *Stephen Bronner, Ban Wang, Janet A. Walker, Donald Petrey (Columbia University)


Kristen Abbey

Dissertation: Recipe for Narrative: Representations of Culture in Culinary Literature

Committee: * Janet A. Walker, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Steven Walker, Mark Manganaro (English)

Sanja Bahun

Dissertation: Modernism and Melancholia: History as Mourning-work

Committee: *Jerry A. Flieger, Janet A. Walker, Gerald Pirog, Maria DiBattista (Princeton University)

Geoffrey Baker

Dissertation: The Limits of Realism: Empire, Empiricism, and Enchantment in Honoré de Balzac, Anthony Trollope, and Theodor Fontane

Committee: *William C. Donahue, M. Josephine Baker, Uri Eisenzweig, Bruce Robbins (Columbia University)

Molly Burke

Dissertation: Discursive Interventions: the Rape Survival Memoir in the United States and France

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Kate Ellis, Janet A. Walker, Harriet Davidson (English)

Sujatha Moni

Dissertation: The Performance of Desire: Postcolonial Drama On India

Committee: *Elin Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Aparna Dharwadker
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Atreyee Phukan

Dissertation: East Indianness in the West Indies: Representations of Post-Indentureship in Indo-Trinidadian Literature

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Abena P. Busia, Jorge Marcone, Renée Larrier (French)

Iva Popovicova

Dissertation: New Body Politic: Czech and Polish Women's Art of the 1990's

Committee: *Elin Diamond, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Ed Cohen, Joanna Regulska (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Caterina Romeo

Dissertation: Rewriting the Nation: Migrant and Post-Migrant Women Writers in Italy

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Abena P. Busia, Mary Gossy, Graziella Parati (Dartmouth College)


April Michelle Dolata

Dissertation: Miscegenation and the Making of the American Nation: A Comparative Examination of Interracial Relationships in Early Republican Historical Romances

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, César Braga-Pinto, Janet A. Walker, Louise Barnett (English)

Jen-Yi Hsu

Dissertation: Melancholic Flâneries: Urban Images and Utopian Imagination In The Works of Charles Baudelaire, Virginia Woolf, Zhu Tianxin, and Tsai Ming-Ling

Committee: *Ban Wang, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Shuang Shen (English)

Yianna Liatsos

Dissertation: Historical Catharsis and the Ethics of Remembering the Post-Apartheid Novel

Committee: *Derek Attridge, Abena Busia, M. Josephine Diamond

Marinos Pourgouris

Dissertation: Odysseus Elytis: Poetic Metaphysics

Committee: *Steven Walker, Janet A. Walker, Antonia Tripolitis, Kostas Myrsiades (West Chester University)

V.G. Julie Rajan

Dissertation: Rewriting Nation: Post-Independence Narratives of Resistance Written by Women from India and Pakistan

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Drucilla Cornell, Abena Busia, Charlotte Bunch (Women’s and Gender Studies), Sonali Perera (English)


Chia-ju Chang

Dissertation: The Chinese Snake Woman: Mythology, Culture and Female Expression

Committee: *Steve Walker, *Ban Wang, Dietrich Tschanz, Janet A. Walker

Helen Fazio

Dissertation: Hindu Nationalism: Revisiting Mythology in Indian Fiction and Art

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Richard Serrano, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, Edwin Bryant (English)

Kathleen Hobbs Formosa

Dissertation: Romance and The Formation of Ethnic Identities in England and Wales, c. 1050 to c. 1200

Committee: *Andrew Welsh, Mary Speer, Janet A. Walker, Susan Crane (Columbia University)

Robert Newlin

Dissertation: Cunning Ambassadors: The Animal Envoy in Medieval Literature

Committee: *Andrew Welsh, Steven F. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Stephen Hopkins (Swarthmore College)

Kevin Ruth

Dissertation: Toward a Vision of the Devil’s Rights in The Theater of Late Medieval Europe

Committee: *Steven F. Walker, Andrew Welsh, Alessandro Vettori, Marlene Ciklamini (Germanic, Russian & East European Languages & Literatures)

Donatella Saroli

Dissertation: Generatio Aequivoca: Towards a Genealogy of Mannequins

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Mary Gossy, Janet A. Walker, Ida Dominijanni (University of Rome III)

Jebaroja Singh

Dissertation: The Spotted Goddess: The Dalit Woman In Classical Brahminical Literature, and In Modern Fiction, Memoirs and Songs from Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Steven F. Walker, K. P. Singh,

Jiwei Xiao

Dissertation: Memory and Woman In Modern Chinese Literature: Shen Congwen, Zhang Ailing and Wang Anyi

Committee: *Ban Wang, M. Josephine Diamond, Peter Li, Rujie Wang (College of Wooster)


Joseph Chaves

Dissertation: The Domestication of Politeness, 1711-84

Committee: *Myra Jehlen, James Swenson, Michael McKeon, Michael Warner (English)

Leslie Trueman

Dissertation:  Images of The Center in Schizophrenia:  Myth, Text, Theory

Committee:  *Steven Walker, Louis Sass, Janet A. Walker, Martin Gliserman (English)

Mathew Spano

Dissertation: The Fall and Rise of A Puer Personality; Hermann, Hesse's Use of German Romanticism and Indian Spirituality, During His Midlife Crisis

Committee: *Steven Walker, *Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Gunter H. Gottschalk (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Sara Warner

Dissertation: Mythic Proportions: The Medea Project Theater for Incarcerated Women and The Art of Creative Survival

Committee: *Elin Diamond, *Alicia Ostriker, Drucilla Cornell, Rena Fraden (Pomona College)


Jennifer Lynne French

Dissertation: The Invisible Empire:  Neo-Colonialism and The Spanish-American Regionalist Writers

Committee: *Jorge Marcone, Tomas Eloy Martinez, Spanish and Portuguese, Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, M. Josephine Diamond, John McClure (English)

Norma Lozano Jackson

Dissertation: The Heroic Voice in Black Slave Narratives and Its Reconstruction of The Black Slave Community:  Talking About, To, and Through Whiteness

Committee: *Abena Busia, Jorge Marcone, M. Josephine Diamond, Renée Larrier (French)

Sailaza Easwari Pal

Dissertation: Narration, Sexual Discourse, and Telugu Modernity:  A Reading of Gudipati Venkata Calam’s Maidanam

Committee: *Steven Walker, Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Velcheru Narayana Rao (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Weixing Su

Dissertation: The Hieratic and the Homely:  Philippe Jaccottet’s and Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry of Place

Committee: *Alicia Ostriker, *Richard Serrano, Janet A. Walker, Mary Ann Caws (Graduate CenterCUNY)


Justyna Braun

Dissertation: Improvising a National Identity:  Polish Theater in International Contexts

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, *Gerald Pirog,  Serge Sobolevitch, Daniel Gerould (New York University)

Richard Lee

Dissertation: Guards, Prisoners, and Textuality:  A Study of South African and American Twentieth-Century Prison Narratives

Committee: *Derek Attridge, M. Josephine Diamond, Abena Busia, Neville Choonoo (SUNY, Oneonta)

Frances Negrón Muntaner

Dissertation: Passing Memories: Puerto Rican Culture as American Entertainment

Committee: *Bruce Robbins, Mary Gossy, M. Josephine Diamond, Chon Noriega (University of California-Los Angeles)

Marla Segol

Dissertation: Religious Conversion, History, and Genre In Floire et Blancheflor, Aucassin et Nicolette, and Flamenca

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Karl Morrison, Mary Gossy, Andrew Welsh, Patricia Grieve (Columbia University)

Nina Sonenberg

Dissertation: Earning Her Keep:  Women and Money in The Post-Colonial Novel

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Abena Busia,  Mary Gossy, Susan Cohen (Nightingale-Bamford School)

Nikola Stojsin

Dissertation: The Novel and Postmodern Ethics

Committee: *Gerald Pirog, Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Vadim Liapunov (Indiana University)

Eugene Thacker

Dissertation: Bioinformatic Bodies: Biopolitics, Biotech, and The Discourse of the Posthuman

Committee: *Ed Cohen, Samira Kawash, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Steven Shaviro (University of Washington)

Ph.D.s 1999 - 2000


Simone James Alexander

Dissertation: Mother/Motherland/Mother Country Trichotomy: Negotiating Maternity and Maternal Spaces in The Works of Afro-Caribbean Women Novelists

Committee:  *Abena Busia, M. Josephine Diamond, Renée Larrier, Gerard Aching (Cornell University)


Michael Eskin

Dissertation: Encounters:  Ethics and Dialogue in The Works of Emmanuel Levinas, Mikhail Bakhtin, Osip Mandelshtam and Paul Celan

Committee:  *Derek Attridge, Gerald Pirog, Michael Holquist (Yale University), Frederick Lubich (Old Dominion University)

Klara Lutsky

Dissertation: The Aesthetics of Unfinalizability:  Boundary Subjectivity and Loophole Narrative in the Novels of Kundera and Gombrowicz

Committee:  *Gerald Pirog, Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Karen Von Kunes (Yale University)

Lara Merlin Shapiro

Dissertation: Body Magic:  Witchcraft and Polymorphous Perversity In Women’s Postcolonial Literature

Committee:  *Mary Gossy, Drucilla Cornell, M. Josephine Diamond, Gerard Aching (Cornell University)

Jacqueline Zubeck O’Donoghue

Dissertation: Murder in the Name of Theory

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, *Gerald Pirog, Janet A. Walker, Caryl Emerson (Princeton University)


Richard Garcia-Calo

Dissertation: Linking Service-Learning and The Multicultural World Mythology Classroom: The Future of a Throwaway Course In a Weekend Discipline

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Gerald Pirog, D. Michael Shafer (Cornell University)

Brunda Moka-Dias

Dissertation: Cultural Collage:  Narratives of South Asian Women In America

Committee:  *Abena Busia, M. Josephine Diamond, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Meena Alexander (New York University)

Marjorie Warmkessel

Dissertation: Sites of Revelation: Landscape In The Nineteenth-Century British and French Realist Novel

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Serge Sobolevitch, Martin Gliserman (English)

Bouriana Zaharieva

Dissertation: The Rhetoric of The Organic and the Mechanical in Modernist Discourse (Soviet Russia and The West)

Committee: *Elin Diamond, M. Josephine Diamond, Paul Schalow, Michael Wood (Princeton University)


Stefan Meyer

Dissertation: The Contemporary Arabic Novel In The Levant: A Case Study in the Development of Literary Modernism

Committee: *Abena Busia, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Roger Allen (University of Pennsylvania)

Yichin Shen

Dissertation: Images of Maleness In Fiction by Male Chinese American Writers

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Peter Li, M. Josephine Diamond, Amy Ling (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Andre Stipanovic

Dissertation: The Cause of War In Ezra Pound’s Poetry

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, M. Josephine Diamond, Andrew Welsh, George Kearns (English)


Felice Ronca

Dissertation: After Baudelaire:  French Poetry and The Aesthetics of Ezra Pound, 1908-1920

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Martin Gliserman (English)


Paola Giuli

Dissertation: Enlightenment, Arcadia, and Corilla: The Inscription of Eighteenth-Century Italian Women Writers in Literary History

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Harriet Davidson, Umberto C. Mariani (New York University)

Mohja Kahf

Dissertation: The Muslim Woman In Western Literature from Romance to Romanticism

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, John McClure, Mary Gossy, Bruce Robbins, Elise Manganaro (Fairleigh Dickenson University)

Ronald E. Kostar

Dissertation: Form and Selfhood In Le Spleen De Paris and Leaves of Grass

Committee: *Steven Walker, Mary Gossy, Janet A. Walker, Mary Shaw (French)

Janice Faye Siegel

Dissertation: Child-Feast and Revenge:  Ovid and The Myth of Procne, Philomela and Tereus

Committee: *Steven Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Janet A. Walker, Thomas Figueira (Classics)


Joseph Consoli

Dissertation: Giovanni Boccaccio: An Annotated Bibliography

Committee:  *James J. Wilhelm

Nancy Shawcross

Dissertation: The Intertexts of La Chambre Claire:  Barthes, The Photograph, and The Interstice of Time

Committee: *M. Josephine Diamond, William Galperin, Uri Eisenzweig, Gerald Prince (University of Pennsylvania)

Rujie Wang

Dissertation: The Transparency of Chinese Realism: A Study of Texts by Lu Xun,  Ba Jin, Mao Dun, and Lao She

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Bruce Robbins, Peter Li, Theodore D. Huters (University of California, Irvine)

Wenjia You

Dissertation: Toward A Methodology of Freudian Influence:  A Consideration of Paradigmatic Asian and Western Texts

Committee: *Janet A. Walker, Steven Walker, Peter Li, Andrew Gordon (University of Florida)


Michael Hart

Dissertation: The Spirit of Reconciliation:  James Joyce, Catholicism, and the European Romantic Tradition

Committee: *Steven Walker, M. Josephine Diamond, Derek Attridge, Mary Shaw (French)


Laurence L. Murphy

Dissertation: Hermeneutics of the Lebenswelt, A Study in Phenomenological Poetics In the Heart of Darkness, Nadja, and the Tao Te Ching

Committee: *Jean Parrish, John Fizer, Steven Walker, Bruce Wilshire (Philosophy)


Vincenzo Bollettino

Dissertation: Giovanni Boccaccio, Life of Dante (Vita Trattatello in Laude di Dante)  Translation with commentary and notes

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, John Fizer, Jean Parrish, Forrest S. Smith

Meng Meng

Dissertation: Configuration of a Lyrical World: A Study of Tao Yuan-ming's Poetics from a Comparative Perspective

Committee: *Ching-I Tu, Peter Li, Janet A. Walker, Yu-kung Kao (Princeton University)


Marilyn Rye

Dissertation: The Fictional Autobiography: First Person Narratives As Narratives of Power in The Blithedale Romance, Le Grand Meaulnes, and Great Expectations

Committee: *Jean Parrish, Steven Walker, James J. Wilhelm, Uri Eisenzweig (French)


Carol Colatrella

Dissertation: The Tragedy of The Human Beast: The Romans-Fleuves of Balzac, Zola, and Faulkner

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Serge Sobolevitch, Janet A. Walker, Julian Moynahan (English)

Neil Donahue

Dissertation: Spatial Form in Modern German Prose: The Tradition of Abstraction In Prose from Hugo Von Hofmannsthal's Ein Brief (1902) to Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus (1947)

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Janet A. Walker, James J. Wilhelm, Ralph Ley (German, Russian and Eastern European Languages and Literature)

Irene Gnarra

Dissertation: Philippe de Remis’ La mankine, Text and Translation

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, Serge Sobolevitch, Steven Walker, Susan Dannenbaum (English)

Thomas Kiddie, Jr.

Dissertation: Eros and Ataraxy: A Study of Love and Pleasure in The Fiction of Zola, Cambaceres, and Fontane

Committee: *John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Janet A. Walker, M. Josephine Diamond (French)

Diane Marting

Dissertation: Female Sexuality in Selected Latin American Novels of The Twentieth Century

Committee:  *Janet A. Walker, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, Frank Dauster (Spanish)

Virginia Phelan

Dissertation: Euripides' Alcestis and T. S. Eliot's The Cocktail Party: Two Ways of Life and Death

Committee:  *Steven Walker, Janet A. Walker, Jean Parrish, Anna Benjamin


Dong-Sheng Yang

Dissertation: A Study of The Poetry of Su Dongpo, With Comparisons to The Poetry of Wordsworth

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Ching-I Tu, Janet A. Walker, Hans Frankel (Yale University)


Joan Acocella

Dissertation: The Reception of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes by Artists and Intellectuals In Paris and London, 1909-1914

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Dale Harris

Nancy Díaz

Dissertation: Metamorphosis from Human to Animal Form In Five Modern Latin American Narratives

Committee: *Nathaniel Tarn, Janet A. Walker, Steve Walker, Frank Dauster (Spanish)


Helen Dochney

Dissertation: Sordello and Fin'amors

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, Serge Sobolevitch, Steven Walker, Mary Speer (French)

Eugenia M. Gunner

Dissertation: T.S. Eliot and Romanticism: Tradition's Anti-Traditional Elements

Committee:  *John O. McCormick, S. Sobolevitch, Steven Walker, James J. Wilhelm, George Kearns (English)

Muriel Onni

Dissertation: Elopements, Seductions, Abductions and Secret Marriages in The Bourgeois Theatre in France and Germany in the Late Eighteenth Century

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, John Fitzell (Princeton University)


Lawrence Blonquist

Dissertation: L’Art D’Amours: A Translation with Critical Introduction

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, Janet A. Walker, Jean Parrish, William Keach (English)

Barbara Hochman

Dissertation: The Moral Realism of Theodore Dreiser

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Nathaniel Tarn, Janet A. Walker, David Weimer

Marshall Peterson

Dissertation: Adolescence as Invention and Vehicle in Twentieth-Century Fiction: Studies in The Subject, The Concept of Openness and The Artistic Possibilities With Exemplary Analyses of Robert Musil's Die Verwirrungen Des Zoglings Torless and Henry De Montherlant's Les Bestiaires

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Steven Walker, Jean Parrish, John Gillis (History)


Philip Pastras

Dissertation: A Clear Field:  The Idea of Improvisation in Modern Poetry

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, Antonia Tripolitis (Classics)

Marie Tamas

Dissertation: Black Suns and Blue Flowers:  Ritualistic Pattern and Poetic Convention In 19th and 20th Century Color Imagery

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, Janet A. Walker, John Fitzell (Princeton)


Janis Forman

Dissertation: The Literature of Confession

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Janet A. Walker, James J. Wilhelm, Jean Parrish, Umberto C. Mariani (New York University)


Nathaniel Wallace

Dissertation: John Skelton, Ein Kurzweilig Lesen Von Dyl Ulenspiegel, The Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum and Francois Rabelais: An Inquiry into the Literary History and Historical Context of Renaissance Satire

Committee: *Jean Parrish, John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Marlene Ciklamini (Greman, Russian, and Eastern European Languages and Literatures)


Jeanette Ainsworth

Dissertation: The Welsh Troelus A Chresyd: Toward a Better Understanding

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, Jean Parrish, Serge Sobolevitch, Robert A. Fowkes

Candace Granger

Dissertation: The Representation of Perfection in Castiglione’s Il Libro del Cortegiano

Committee: *Jean Parrish, John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Guido Guarino

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak

Dissertation: “The Shāhnāmeh of Firdawsī in France and England 1770-1860: A Study of The European Response to The Persian Epic of Kings

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, Serge Sobolevitch, Jerome Clinton (Princeton University)

Fred Lasser

Dissertation: The Drunken Boats of Coleridge and Rimbaud: A Comparative Study

Committee: *Nathaniel Tarn, Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Alicia Ostriker (English)


Marilyn Kallet

Dissertation: Honest Simplicity in the Last Love Poems of Paul Eluard and William Carlos Williams

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Nathaniel Tarn, Alicia Ostriker (English)

Doris Sommer

Dissertation: Mann, Midrash, and Mimesis

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Ernest Dunn, Jean Parrish, B. Hill


Jan Feidel

Dissertation: The Poetry of Keats and Baudelaire

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Donald Gibson (English)

Judith Roumani

Dissertation: The Role of Organic Nationalism in Some Recent Novels of Spanish America and French-Speaking North Africa: A Comparative Study

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Nathaniel Tarn, Serge Sobolevitch, Michael Adas

Bohdan Rubchak

Dissertation: Man is a Metaphor: Poetic Knowledge as Grounded in Perception, Imagination and Language

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, John Fizer

James Ruddy

Dissertation: In Defense of The Classical Notion of Action: A Study of Parts and Wholes and Their Interrelation

Committee: *John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Nathaniel Tarn, Robert Anderson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)


Ann Linder

Dissertation: The Devil in The Garden: The Vision of Paradise in European Romantic Literature

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Elton Anglada, John Fitzell

Robert Scanlon

Dissertation: Complete Action: An Examination of Three Modern Plays in The Light of Aristotle's Poetics

Committee: *Francis Fergusson, Jean Parrish, Serge Sobolevitch, William Fortenbaugh


Marga Brockhagen

Dissertation: The Concepts of Relation and Separation in the Work of Friedrich Hölderlin and John Keats

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, Ralph Freedman


Eva Barczay-Miller

Dissertation: La Princesse de Cleves and The Tragic Dimension of Classicism

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Jean Parrish, Nathaniel Tarn, Milton Seiden

Mark Bernheim

Dissertation: The Monastery and The Fortress: Broch's Die Schlafwandler and The Rehumanization of Modern Art

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, Lothar Zeidler

Alan Cheuse

Dissertation: Memories of The Future: A Critical Biography of Alejo Carpentier

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Elton Anglada, Nathaniel Tarn, L. Santamarina


Ray Ellenwood

Dissertation: André Breton and Freud

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, Ralph Freedman, Nathaniel Tarn, John Fizer

Richard Koffler

Dissertation: The Job of Living (Diary  1935-1950). An Annotated Translation of Cesare Pavese's Diary, Il Mestiere Di Vivere

Committee:  *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, Glauco Cambon, Franco Ferrucci

Ann Krausz

Dissertation: Toward Romantic Plant Analogy in The Early Poetic Writing of Christoph Martin Wieland

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Jean Parrish, James J. Wilhelm, John Fitzell

Charles E. Sherry

Dissertation: The Poetics of Disclosure: Heidegger and Rilke

Committee: *John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Ralph Freedman, Serge Sobolevitch


Charles B. Aycock

Dissertation: The Journal of Dislodgement: The Possibilities and Their Use by Rilke and Sartre

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Serge Sobolevitch, Ralph Freedman, Graham Wood

Larry Andrews

Dissertation: The Complete Poetry of D. V. Venevitinov; Translation with Critical Introduction: “Venevitinov’s Romantic Image of the Poet”

Committee: *Serge Sobolevitch, James J. Wilhelm, Ludmilla Turkevich, John O. McCormick


Ann Kaplan

Dissertation: Hawthorne and Romanticism: A Study of Hawthorne’s Literary Development in The Context of the American and European Romantic Movements

Committee: *John O. McCormick, Serge Sobolevitch, Audra Adelberger, Walter Bezanson

Stephen Miller

Dissertation: Studies in the Idea of The City in Western Literature

Committee: *John O. McCormick, James J. Wilhelm, Serge Sobolevitch, David Weimer


Edward Blodgett

Dissertation: The Poetry of Renewal:  A Study in Early Carolingian Politics and Literature

Committee: *James J. Wilhelm, Serge Sobolevitch, A. L. Kellogg, Quincy Howe, Jr.

Barbara Rogers

Dissertation: The Poems of Venantius Fortunatus

Committee: James J. Wilhelm, John O. McCormick, Palmer Bovie, Jerome Mandel

Bruno Santonocito

M.A., Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, Columbia Law School, New York City, NY

Maxim D. Shrayer

Rutgers M.A., Yale Ph.D., Professor of Russian and English and Chair of the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages at Boston College, Boston, MA

Constance Sekaros

M.A., ESL Instructor, Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Renee Baigell

M.A., author of “Peeling Potatoes, Painting Pictures: Women Artists in Post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia. The First Decade”

Henry Schwarz

Rutgers M.A., Duke Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and Director of the Program on Justice and Peace, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Deborah Narin-Wells

Poet; formerly an English instructor at Lane Community College; currently teaches Creative Writing workshops through the Young Writers Association. A chapbook, Birds Flying Through, was published by Traprock Books in February, 2006.

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