Graduate News

Caroline Godart and Tara Coleman appointed to tenure-track positions

Congratulations to recent PhD Caroline Godart, who will begin teaching in Fall 2016 at the Institut des hautes études des communications sociales in Brussels, and to Tara Coleman, soon-to-be a PhD, who begins this Fall at LaGuardia Community College in New York City.  Bravo to both!

Chia-Chieh (Mavis) Tseng, Alumna, Appointed Assistant Professor

Congratulations Chia-Chieh (Mavis) Tseng!

Chia-Chieh (Mavis) Tseng was appointed as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor both in the Center for General Education and Language Center at Taipei Medical University. She will teach the English language (oral training, presentation skills, reading, etc.) as well as courses on literature (mythology, fiction) and film.

Caroline Godart Publishes Dissertation

Congratulation Caroline Godart!

Caroline Godart, whose book, The Dimensions of Diffference: Space, Time and Bodies in Women's Cinema and Continental Philosophy, will soon be published by Rowman and Littlefield in a series edited by the great Rosi Braidotti. Caroline's book is based on her wonderful Rutgers Comparative Literature dissertation, which she defended in 2013.

Sergey Toymentsev, Alumnus, Awarded Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

Congratulations Sergey Toymentsev!

Sergey Toymentsev was awarded Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship for 2015-2017 in Florida State University's program in Slavic! This program puts a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity, which particularly fits Sergey's research interests in film studies, French philosophy, and memory studies. He will be teaching survey courses on Slavic civilization as well as a graduate seminar on Deleuze and cinema.